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Have You Gotten Your Flu Shot Yet? Here’s Why You Should

Have You Gotten Your Flu Shot Yet? Here's Why You Should

Getting vaccinated is the single, most effective way to up your protection against the influenza virus in the flu season.

Unfortunately, per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, every year, less than half of the population age six (6) months and older get vaccinated. The picture is direr when we consider that anyone can easily get a flu shot in their local pharmacy or doctor’s office.

So, if you haven’t gotten yours for this year yet, allow us at Focus: Meds Pharmacy and Wellness, as your trusted retail pharmacy in Charleston, South Carolina, to show you why you should with the following list.

  • It can keep your symptoms from getting worse if you do get sick with the flu.
  • It can save beds and healthcare resources for those who need it most, easing some of the burden (which has since rocketed due to the COVID pandemic) off the healthcare industry.
  • It can protect the vulnerable members of your family and the community, such as children younger than six (6) months and those with life-threatening allergies to the flu vaccine and/or its ingredients through the so-called ‘herd immunity.’
  • It can ensure that you are protected throughout the year. The variables involved in getting vaccinated constantly change yearly—your immunity throughout the year, the influenza virus itself, and even the situation (i.e., the emergence of the COVID virus).

Don’t wait. Visit your nearest clinic, health center, or independent pharmacy in South Carolina today for your annual flu shot.

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