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Long Term Care

Medication Long-Term Care in Charleston, South Carolina

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Our staff provides long-term care along with comprehensive medication services to independent living facilities in South Carolina. We dedicate ourselves to providing consistent, high-quality services to our patients to promote optimal health outcomes with the help of our experienced pharmacy and geriatric pharmacology professionals.

Billing and Account Management
We make sure that all patients receive the same quality of services from our account managers, who will work diligently with your facility staff for accurate billing and address our patients’ billing concerns effectively.
Our pharmacy uses a special dispensing system to maintain accuracy and promptness in storing prescription and OTC drugs. This system also ensures medication adherence among our patients. With our pharmacists and technicians, all orders will undergo a process to analyze for drug interactions, drug allergies, and drug efficacy.
Education and Training
To ensure the continuum of quality care and services, our pharmacy provides education and training services, which include onsite medication administration training. Our staff members will help you design concrete policies and procedures. We will also assist you to ensure your facility complies with local, state, and federal regulations. Our training services include CPR and First-Aid certification for your facility’s personnel.
Clinical Assessment
Our pharmacy has a clinical team that conducts thorough assessments and reviews of each patient’s medical history to determine the best medications to use, reduce potential side effects, and manage healthcare costs.
Around-the-Clock Service
Our pharmacy staff members can assist your facility’s needs even beyond business hours. As soon as an emergency arises, we can send our team to you to help you with your concerns effectively.
Delivery Services
For our partner facilities, we conduct routine medication delivery six days a week. We will monitor the arrival of each delivery to ensure we meet your facility’s needs. During emergencies, we make sure to store, process, and deliver medications as quickly as possible.
Medication Carts
We have medication carts that can help ensure safety when storing and administering medications.
Our staff can provide you with records of your facility that includes clinical and financial reports and more. We also provide medication administration and treatment administration records. EMAR (electronic medication administration records) are also available upon request.
Special Packaging
Also known as blister packs, multi-dose or unit dose packages help prevent medication errors, keep track of medication intake, maximize medicinal benefits, and improve overall care quality.

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